Reclaiming the Resolution Post-It

I started a tradition on New Year’s Eve, 2009: instead of just thinking up new year’s resolutions, or writing them down in a journal I’d inevitably misplace, I decided to write my resolutions on post-its (one per note), and put them on my refrigerator. Since most of the time I spend at home is spent in my kitchen, I figured it was a good idea to put all these resolutions front and center in a place I’d see every day, several times a day.  By 7pm that night, there were over 20 post-its on my fridge, among them “Travel”, “Michelle Obama Arms”, and “Food Blog”.

As soon as I’d hit one of the goals or tasks I’d set out for myself, I’d take the post-it down and put it in a drawer. By the end of the year, only 4 post-its remained, and sadly one of them was the “Food Blog” post-it.

It’s now November of 2011, and after cooking countless breakfasts, lunches and dinners, baking hundreds of cookies, taking a food tour and a food writing class, reading several food memoirs, and needing something to occupy my time between freelance gigs, I am finally starting the food blog I’ve been talking about writing for years.  Because that’s been the problem: talking about writing.  Well, enough talking.  It’s time to write.

I call the blog “Magic In The Kitchen” because cooking is about more than food. For me, cooking is a creative outlet. It’s a challenge. It’s learning. It’s therapy. And it’s productive. The gratification isn’t always instant, but there are few things as satisfying as making something that looks and smells like heaven, and then eating it.  What’s more satisfying?  Watching people light up when they eat the piece of heaven you’ve made.

The magic is in the smiles, the aromas, the textures, the simmering, the mixing, the finishing touches, the presentation, the first bite through the cleaned plate.

And the love. Make everything with love.

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