Field Trip: The Wonderland That Is Eataly

I had a busy weekend, and a wonderful one at that.  After a lovely family dinner at Brio on Saturday, my boyfriend and I found ourselves at Eataly. 

For those of you who love food and live in New York, if you haven’t been to Eataly yet, shame on you.

For those of you who live outside the Big Apple, make it a point to visit this place whenever you are in New York.  It is not simply a market; it is an experience. Everywhere you look, there is food: vegetables and fruits, cheese and cured meats, more cheese, roasted meats, pastas, a butcher’s counter, a marvelous fish counter, restaurants and more restaurants, vinegars and oils, truffles, pastries, a coffee bar, a gelato bar, and a number of Italian cookies and treats that I could only get in Italy before Eataly existed.

Eataly is an assault on the senses; there are so many things to look at and smell and sample that you don’t know what to have first.  Luckily, we wandered in with full stomachs, so we stayed focused on our Christimas shopping— but still took in some sights while we were there.

The following is just a sample of some of the wonders of Eataly – I would’ve taken more pictures, but my iPhone died after we left the meat department.


Don’t you just love nature?  This is not your ordinary lemon, or a freak variety, either. This fruit is known as Buddha’s Fingers (or Buddha’s Hand).  This is the first time I’ve seen one, and I spent a good portion of this morning reading about this most interesting fruit.


I Pomodori

Il Formaggio

Blood Clams. Hmm...

I ❤ carbs.

I Dolci

I am making another trip to Eataly to get this Baci cake.  We spotted it next to the Panettone, which is a traditional Italian cake that’s more of a sweet bread, always served at Christmas time. I love Baci chocolates (I love everything from the house of Perugina), and this looks like one giant Baci, except that it’s a chocolate cake with lines of hazelnut cream throughout. Luscious.

Carnivore's delight

I was reminded of Thanksgiving dinner when I saw this one.

Prime Rib, in the flesh

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